About us

Welcome to St Giles Pet Cremations. Back in June 2010 our family decided to buy St Giles Kennels and change our lifestyles to work with animals. We are a small independent family run business. St Giles Kennels offer boarding facilities for dogs, cats and smaller animals as well as being home to our charity 'Dogs for Adoption' where we rescue all types of animals.

Recently we have added additional services including INDIVIDUAL cremations that is the only one in Somerset. We are keen to develop this as it offers customers a local and personal service for their beloved pets. We ourselves have a cat, six rescue dogs, chickens, ferrets and ducks.

Our aim is simple, to do whatever we can to help our customers' in a very stressful time after losing their pet. All of the staff have owned and lost pets over the past few years and understand the upset caused (the kennels are run by animal lovers for animal lovers). Essentially we put animals first, in life and after they have passed away, every animal gets treated with the same degree of respect.

As a family we all have very different tastes in dogs but all share the same passion for animals and would look after any pet the same as we would look after our own.

St Giles Pet Cremations