Pet Bereavement

Grieving for the loss of a pet, whether through death, parting or enforced separation, can be a sad and difficult experience. Life once filled with the love and friendship of a pet, may suddenly seem very empty and feelings of deep sadness and loneliness are not uncommon.

Sometimes it helps to share these feelings with someone who knows from personal experience how distressing the loss of a pet can be and who will listen with compassion and without judgement. Of course everyone at St Giles Pet Cremations will be happy to talk and help as much as possible at this time. However, should you want further support you can contact The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service which is able to help you through this traumatic time.

Support Service

Contact the Pet Bereavement Support Service on 0800 096 6606 (UK only including northern Ireland). The support line is open from 8.30am - 8.30pm everyday. All calls are free and confidential from a landline. If calling from a mobile phone, some phone networks may charge.

The link to their website is:

They also offer a pet memorial service on the following link:


There are also a number of books available which can help when a beloved pet has been lost:


Wooden CasketsThis book offers practical guidance, emotional support and reassurance to grieving pet owners in a clear and concise manner.




Missing my Pet was written by Alex Lambert, aged 6, after the sudden loss of his pet dog called Star. It deals with the initial illness of a pet, the death of a pet and the emotions that we all go through afterwards. It also helps children understand cremation, how to remember their pet and tackles the question of getting another pet. The book is superb and also comes with a supporting booklet that has helpful advice for parents.


'A Pet's Peace' by Tracy M. Johnson

I have left you now, but please dont be sad,
you gave me all the love you had.
You did so much for me in my time here
and i'll always hold those precious times near.
I know someday you'll find love again
and into your life will come a new friend.
Your heart will heal, though you'll never forget
memories like the first time we met.
Memories are wonderful, so keep them close
and remember all the good times the most.
Up in the Heaven for animals is where i'll be
and someday in the future, each other we'll see.
I am at PEACE now, so please don't be sad
You gave me all the love you had.